Matalihim Font

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Matalihim Font

Lorenzo Martinez
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"Matalihim" is a condensed display font that combines modernism and Art Nouveau characteristics to form a serene and decorative typeface.

Matalihim like all my other fonts is a play of Filipino words. "Mata" which means eye in English; and "Lihim" which means secret in english. Together it literally means "eye of secret". Matalihim is also a pun on the filipino word "matalim" which means "sharp".

Use it as an elegant solution for your next magazine layout, or choose Matalihim for any graphics that require a sleek look with an elegant and serene flair. You may be able to use it in body type as well. (Just not the one with the very small size)

*This font includes letters, numbers, alternates, standard ligatures, multilanguage support, and all essential marks needed.

* FREE font updates are always provided.

* If this font goes well, I am planning to add more weight to it soon.

* (Future) Font weights will be sold as additional, but a generous font discount will be provided for anyone who already has the base font.



By purchasing this font you are granted a (DESKTOP FONT LICENSE.)

**This font only includes desktop license. Any other license that you might want, Kindly contact me through my email: (lurinzoomartinez23@gmail.com)

I want this!
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An elegant and sexy display font

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